Have you ever felt out of place or question your reason for being here on Earth? Have you ever had a NEAR-DEATH or outer body experience? Do you believe in ghost or spirits? Have you ever seen a ghost? These may seem like some pretty off the wall questions, but I can honestly answer "YES" to all of the above.

I'm not a Psychic or Medium. I do not engage in the occult, WITCHCRAFT, or DEMONS  (unless for the use of study to further my knowledge surrounding this subject).
My mother said, "I was born with a "caul" or a "veil" over my eyes at birth." I was born premature and breeched. 

My first memory about the unknown or spiritual realm occurred at the age of 9. I remember having a great deal of headaches that later developed into very painful migraines. My mom and I made frequent trips to the hospital and doctors had very little answers. I recall praying and crying many nights begging God to remove my pain. 

One day...

At the age of 13, the migraines stopped. I began to hear a voice, experience visions, and a flashing light appeared often in the middle of my head. I had no idea what was happening to me, but later discovered the light in the middle of my forehead was called a "third-eye". 
When I closed my eyes , pockets of  purple light flashed in  the center of my head. I remember my senses becoming sharp and I was extremely sensitive to everything. I was emotional, withdrawn, and very lonely at times. 

Strange and  cloudy figures would appear during the night trying to communicate, or convey  messages from the other side.  My first visitation was in 1990 from my aunt, Marsha.

At the age of 5, my auntie died, but I remembered the lullabies she would sing when ever I felt sad or unhappy. My aunt softly whispered lines from the nursery rhyme 
"The Hokey Pokey"  into my ear while I slept.

 I was very frightened by these strange encounters and spent most of my childhood locked  in a room. I was too afraid to tell my family, but my mom understood. She's part of the reason why I have this extraordinary gift.

For the past 3 years I have been seeking answers and have discovered a great deal of information about my "special" gift. During the course of my study, I have stumbled upon a supernatural world full of symbols and signs. God has been leading me toward his divine light and I want to use his gift  to heal others.

Please share your thoughts and I will do the same as we take this JOURNEY together...
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