Omg! Is that a wrinkle I see? What do I do to rid them from thee?

Every one is looking for the fountain of youth, and are trying so desperately to look young. 

Our society is obsessed with perfection, and will do what ever it takes to have it, even if it means risking their lives.
A plastic surgeon will never tell you the hidden dangers, or mental effects plastic surgery has on your mind and body.

To consider plastic surgery means that there is something troubling your mind to make you feel unattractive and insecure. This case is called BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) and it affects millions of people around the world, experts say.

Having children and aging is a part of our human make-up, but perversion has reared it's ugly head and people are considering desperate attempts to look like the models, and celebs they see in magazines or television.

Love should not come from the tip of a needle, or the edge of a scalpel. Love should come from within, and to risk your life for the sake of others, denying your own worth, means you hate yourself.

Be natural and love you. You are the most important person on earth. God loves you.

Thanks for reading.

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  Oh, oh, oh, it's plastic...

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