Have you ever mentioned something SECRETIVE to a loved one and then your secret appears on the news or online (eg. Google NEWS) the next day? How does the media get their info? How do they know what to write or report? I will give you a clue... LISTENING DEVICES. 

YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA site is not innocent. They are using your personal info to sell you products based on your everyday problems. They look at your pictures and read what you are saying to others by private messaging to sell you their BS & LIES.

FROM weight loss to skin products... THEY USE CELEBRITIES to push their agenda and make you believe that "IT WORKS". People don't realize that THE PUPPETS (celebrities) are using even more invasive procedures to make themselves look perfect... GUESS WHAT... THEY are not using the product that is being sold to you.

They are using cosmetic procedures on top of the "NEXT BIG" thing that will help you lose OR gain weight or so they say. THIS IS ALL A PART OF AN AGENDA that was created to keep the RICH WEALTHY & target the poor... POORER.


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