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Greatness is defined as  Powerful; Influential, Remarkable, or Distinguished, but these are merely words in comparison to a man that has been hand picked by God. Men called to order for a purpose bigger than life.

 The ORDER is God's perfect design and Tupac Shakur was a representation of this truth. I believe God created special men and women for a divine purpose solely meant for changing our world. Learning the order of God leads you toward the truth and music is a guide, but only if the messenger is blessed by God.

God loves music. He loves when we honor and praise him with our vocals, instruments and hearts filled with unconditional love and blessed melodies. I appreciate Tupac as an artist and a man. He explodes on a mic with passionate words, prophetic teachings, with endless energy and emotions. 

Tupac guides the listener into his personal struggles, mistakes, and convictions. He tells the truth divinely through his prospective. Some say Tupac was 'angry' or 'insane', but I disagree. 

Tupac Shakur seemed frustrated with the world and boldly took it on through his music. He gave the streets a voice and was a leader to many in the urban community and the upper parts of town. Everyone loved Tupac. He told the truth.

On the track "KEEP YA' HEAD UP", Tupac said, "They got money for war, but can't feed the poor..."

This is a true statement and fits with the way our society looks 15 years after his death. I love prophecy and I relate to Tupac. He was truly PROPHETIC!

God bless and thanks for reading.


DISCLAIMER: These images or music are not mine.  I am not representing Tupac or his music personally. This is a tribute to a great artist and I am a admirer of his music.) 

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